5PCS Anti Pollution KN95 Mouth Mask Dust Respirator Disposable Face Mouth Masks Mouth Earloops Masks

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Anti Pollution KN95 Mouth Mask Dust Respirator Disposable Face Mouth Masks Mouth Earloops Masks

About KN95 masks:

KN95 mask can isolate smaller particles, and fit tighter to the face, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery, and the filtration efficiency of particulate matter can reach 95% under standard conditions.
The kn95 mask is not a disposable mask. In this special case (resource shortage), it can be reused. But there are conditions:
1. When n95 receives contamination such as saliva, blood, tears and other body fluids, it must be replaced
2. The user obviously feels that the breathing resistance is greater than before and must be replaced
3. Masks are damaged and must be replaced
4. It is recommended to replace it after using it 4 times.
However, masks cannot be reused if people go to the hospital, come into contact with an infected person, or are suspected to be infected.
Category: KN95 mask
Color: White
Quantity: 5pcs / pack
Products are standard masks
Suitable for many places and crowds
Avoid breathing dust or germs to protect human health
10/5/2 Pcs a pack, aseptic packaging
Protect your health quickly and safely
Package list:
1 * Pack of KN95 masks(5pcs)
Please Note:
US (42CFR84 standard) N95 = European Union (EN149 standard) FFP2 = Australia (Australia, New Zealand AS1716 standard) P2 = China KN95 = Korea KF94
Please be kindly noted,the listed product is produced and distributed abroad and subject to the laws of its country of origin.
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