Portable Rechargeable Handheld Usb Mini Fan For Summer

  • $6.00

multifunctional mini fan,which make you cooler and refreshing in hot summer.

Product parameters

product name  multifunctional mini fan
Input Voltage 5V/1.0A
battery capacity 2000amh/3.7V
charging time 2-3 hours
working time first gear about 24 hours,second gear about 16 hours,third gear about 8 hours.
standby power <100UA
gross weight 0.2kg
packing size 14*6.5*5cm

Indication light

1)when charging this product,the white light flashes slowly,after fully charged,the white light is always on;

2)when the power of this product is less than 5%,the white light flashes slowly.this product is charged;

3)when this product is charging mobile phones,digital product and other equippment,the white light is always on.

Function description

Under the working condition,the fan blade will stop rotating immediately when encountering obstacles such as fingers,so as not to cause injury to human body,in this case,please remove the obstacle and restart.


1:Do not shine the flashing beam directly into anyone’s eye.

2:Do not touch the rotating fan blade with your hands,when used by people with long hair,please keep a distance to prevent the hair involved.

3:When the product is not in use,please take back fan body avoid product damage.

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