Pikewear Children Snorkel Set, Kids Swimming Goggles Semi-dry Snorkel Equipment with Breathing Tube for Boys and Girls Advanced Snorkeling Gear 5 to 8 Years Old

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Product Description

  • Color: Blue / Yellow / Red / Green

  • Mask size: 17cm * 7.8cm (6.7 * 3.07 in)

  • Snorkel size: 46cm / 18.11 in

  • Frame Material: PC

  • Skirt/Strap Material: High quality silicone

  • Snorkel Material: High quality PVC + Silicone

  • Lens Material: Clear explosion-proof safety tempered glass

  • Suitable for 4-10 age of children.

kids snorkel set

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Diving Mask:

  • Adjustable push button, convenient and comfortable to wear.

  • The ribbed silicon design (100% leak-proof).

  • The mask is used by liquid medical silicone, safe non-toxic. T

  • The adjustable side clips and safety lenses give excellent vision and maximum safety. O

  • One size fits all kids aged from 4-8.


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Dry Snorkel:


  • Used wave protection design and low capacity drain valve design.

  • A soft silicon mouthpiece to eliminate gum & lip irritation.

  • A unique shape for comfortable & streamlined use.

  • A low-profile valve automatically seals upon descent to create a truly 100% dry snorkel.


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1. Avoid to be scratched by sharp tools, such as nail, ring, blade, etc.

2. Scrub the interior lense of your mask with toothpaste or a non-abrasive cleaner to prevent unwanted fogging.

3. Rinse your mask thoroughly with fresh water after each use. Do not wash it with corrosive liquid. Keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

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