eco friendly teeth whitening electric toothbrush multicolor with Replaceable head for travel case

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Product parameter

product name Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Working voltage DC5V
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Charging time 5-6 hours
Working time 100 days
Vibration frequency 31000-37000 times/min
Bristle material 2 DuPont replacement brush head
Charging mode USB direct charge
Modes  5 models(clean/white/refresh/sensitive/gum care)
Gross weight 0.4KG
Packing size 23.5*8.5*7.5CM


Toothbrush modes

Clean--clean mode,with toothpaste clean mouth

Refresh--rinse mouth mode,clean mouth foam

White--whitening mode,bright white teeth

Gum care--gum care mode,massage gums

Sensitive--sensitive mode,the intensity of the toothbrush vibration decrease


Operation guide

Step 1:fix the brush head firmly on the handle shaft,leave a gap about 1mm between the head and handle.

Step 2:wet the brush head,squeeze a bit toothpaste on the head.

Step 3:put the head against the border of teeth and gum.

Step 4:put the brush head lightly at the junction of the teeth and gums,press the mode button a few times in three seconds to choose a proper operation mode,move the head softly back and forth to clean all the teeth.

Step 5:press the mode button again to turn it off,take it out of your mouth,water clean your mouth and brush head,keep the head dry,clean the handle with soft cloth.




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