Heat Shrink Butt Connector 200 PCS ICETEK Waterproof Wire Melt Solder Terminals Kit Set Copper Crimp Splice Box Set

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ICEtek 200PCS Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Terminals Kit superior for protecting splices from water and corrosion.Our connectors comply with all relevant industrial circuit standards and offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost.You can buy this more reliable heat shrink butt connector than conventional crimp terminals.

ICEtek Friendly Reminder:
For best results , please choose the right connector, use a hot air gun, heat evenly until connector reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminal.

Quantity: 200PCS
Material: PE+Copper
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
Type: Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
Shrinkage ratio 3:1
Dual-walled design tubing: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive in inside
Wire gauge imprint on connectors
Selection of 3 connector sizes ensures the right terminal for every application
Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C
No wire damage due to lower shrink temperature
Full recovery temperature: 130°C
Operating temperature: from -10°C to 150°C
Reusable case included

AWG 22-18 : Red Connectors fit Wire/Cable 0.5-1.5mm2/90PCS
AWG 16-14 : Blue Connectors fit Wire/Cable 1.5-2.5mm2/90PCS
AWG 12-10 : Yellow Connectors fit Wire/Cable 4.0-6.0mm2/20PCS

Package includes:
1x 200pcs terminals set (90 Red + 90 Blue + 20 Yellow)

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